Authors: Nada Ratković, Živana Jovanović Pešić, Dušan Arsić, Miloš Pešić, Dragan Džunić


FSW is a solid-state joining process. It is widely used for joining hard alloys like steel, titanium, and aluminium which are very difficult to join by fusion welding. FSW joint quality is mainly influenced by shoulder and pin geometry, its diameter, tool material, tool rotation speed, and linear traveling speed. The paper presents a brief overview of the tools used during the FSW procedure. The influence of the tool pin on the material flow and mixture was analysed in detail. In addition, the primary and secondary material flow and how it is affected by the shape and dimensions of the tool pin are also discussed.

Key words: FSW, FSW tool, Material flow

DOI: 10.24867/ATM-2022-2-006

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